At Paperback Studio,

we develop original works and provide freelance game development, writing, and editorial services for games, interactive fiction, print fiction, ebooks, apps, and a variety of digital and non-digital media.

Whether your text needs a final proof or you're looking to develop your story and narrative mechanics from the ground up, we can help—

we make words and worlds shine.




Jess Haskins
Game Designer, Writer, Editor

Hello! I'm Jess Haskins, owner of Paperback Studio.

I'm a game designer and writer specializing in worldbuilding, narrative design, and storytelling for games and interactive experiences. I hold an MFA in Design & Technology from Parsons School of Design and have game development experience across diverse genres and platforms, encompassing design, writing, and management roles.


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I'm also a professional copy editor and proofreader with a background in literature and a decade of experience serving creative writers, game developers, and clients in diverse fields including advertising, corporate communications, medicine, and law. I'm a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) and the International Game Developers Association (IGDA).


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I am an active community organizer and advocate in the NYC game development industry and indie game scene. I'm co-chair of the IGDA NYC chapter and organizer of NYC Indie Games, a social and networking group for indie devs. I also curate the NYC Game Dev community calendar and publish the IGDA NYC monthly newsletter.


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I teach and speak about worldbuilding, writing for games, diversity and representation, community, and other topics.  


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What we do

I founded Paperback Studio in 2016 to offer game design, writing, editorial, and consulting services for a wide variety of print and digital media, including games, interactive fiction, books, apps, and websites.

The Paperback Studio team includes me, as principal project lead, and an associate editor, who brings a second pair of eyes to editorial projects and ensures top-quality results. When I need to access additional expertise, I draw on my network of colleagues and collaborators from a range of disciplines, bringing in the right talent to finish a project and make something amazing. 

Why "Paperback Studio"?

A book is like a garden carried in your pocket.
— Chinese proverb

I imagine (I hope!) they meant paperbacks. Paperback books are whole portable worlds, democratized, accessible, convenient, intimate, and unfussy.

Paperback Studio is about creating stories and worlds, in any medium. Carefully tended gardens of words and bits, places you want to spend time in and carry with you. 

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