I teach occasional classes on writing and worldbuilding. A description of my class Writing Immersive Worlds is below. Visit the Playcrafting website for upcoming dates and event registration.

Writing Immersive Worlds

Class Description

Worldbuilding is an essential step in developing immersive, compelling stories and games. Even if your game doesn't have characters or a plot, it probably has a world of some kind. How do you create a cohesive, engaging world that feels like a place your players will want to spend time in? And how do you make it fresh and original without rehashing familiar tropes?

In this class, we'll discuss basic worldbuilding strategies that work for any creative fiction project, as well as some considerations particular to narratively driven and even non-narrative games.

Students will participate in worldbuilding exercises and create their own concepts in the course of the class. Leave your maps and notes for that unfinished epic at home—we'll be starting from scratch and creating something new, so bring a blank page and an open mind.

Featured Topics

  • How much worldbuilding do you need, anyway?

  • Creating fictional worlds from whole cloth

  • Worldbuilding for real-world settings

  • Hitting the books: why research matters and how to do it effectively

  • Culturally aware approaches to worldbuilding: using tropes intelligently and avoiding stereotypes