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Writing and Worldbuilding Services

Need a compelling story hook or some finely polished prose? From concept to final text, we can enhance your story at any stage of the project. Worldbuilding, story development, character development, scriptwriting, dialogue, lore, and more.

Here's a sample list of our creative writing work from past projects:

  • Turn a game concept or treatment into a detailed outline
  • Develop faction backstory, culture, and characteristics for an online multiplayer game
  • Write interactive or branching dialogue
  • Develop a narrative outline for a museum scavenger hunt
  • Create new characters, stories, and scenarios within an existing IP
  • Create a world map
  • Write flavor text for cards, missions, and achievements
  • Develop an alien language
  • Write an adventure game script
  • Provide notes and feedback on characterization and theme
  • Write player-facing lore entries for supplemental and promotional materials
  • Write content for in-game books and ephemera
  • Create a story bible and narrative documentation
  • Name anything and everything

Need help shaping up your project's story? Let us help!


Sample Projects