Editing for Games & Interactive Media

You wouldn't publish a novel without editing it—and your game or interactive work deserves the same attention and care. From a light proofread to a full content edit, we'll fit into your development cycle and make sure your text meets the highest standards.

Why games need editors

Having QA testers file bugs against typos just doesn't cut it as an editorial process. Don't let this be your only safeguard! You need someone dedicated to looking at the text as a whole to ensure correctness, clarity, and consistency. And if you have literary aims for your project, you need to go beyond simply error-free to produce the smooth and elegant prose that will immerse and move your audience. If your game or interactive work has words in it, you need an editor.

Not convinced? Check out Cameron Harris's excellent 3-part article You Need An Editor! (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) for a great explanation of what an editor can offer in the game development process.


"In a nutshell: editors make games better and save money while making them. We provide a necessary parallax view of content and smooth out snags in production, freeing developers to create their best work most efficiently. In practical terms, editors fix narrative and technical content on multiple levels; track organization, iteration, and publication of that content; and maintain a unified presentation of intellectual property for a game, a franchise, and a company."


Why non-narrative games need editors, too

We focus a lot here on narrative and story-driven games. If your project has hundreds of pages of character dialogue, it's pretty easy to see why you might need an editor. But non-narrative games, even games that are relatively light on text, can reap the benefits from a dedicated editor, as well. (Part 2 of Harris's article covers this in depth!)

Here are some examples of non-narrative game text and supporting copy that a game editor might handle:

  • Text for UI elements (menus, buttons, titles, loading screens)
  • Map text, item descriptions, flavor text
  • Tutorial content
  • VO scripts, casting documentation, and pronunciation guides
  • Story bibles, glossaries, wikis, and internal game documentation
  • Localization documentation
  • Game description, store page and promotional copy
  • Website copy
  • Social media and community content
  • Crowdfunding and other campaign copy
  • Press releases, blog posts, newsletters, and campaign updates
  • Festival, exhibition, award, and contest applications

We know good writing, and we know games

With extensive experience in both the game development and traditional editing worlds, we have the skills to bridge the gap and bring high-quality editing services to games, interactive stories, and all forms of immersive text-based digital media.

Contact us today to find out how you can fit editing into your development process.



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