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Game and Narrative Design Services

Whether it's building levels or crafting the perfect dialogue system, we'll find the fun and create an impactful experience. Our specialties are point-and-click adventures and narratively driven works such as visual novels and interactive fiction, but we're game for anything.

To give you an idea of what we can do, here's a sample list of game and narrative design tasks we've done for past projects:

  • Design and build puzzle platformer levels in Unity
  • Design a branching narrative system based on moral choice mechanics
  • Create, test, and balance gameplay and narrative content for questlines and mission systems
  • Develop and balance a level progression system
  • Configure character dialogue trees in Chat Mapper
  • Develop game mechanics for a hybrid puzzle platformer and Facebook farming sim
  • Design inventory and environmental puzzles for a point-and-click adventure
  • Design tutorial and training mission content for a cooperative multiplayer game
  • Design Tetris-like puzzle game variations with novel mechanics
  • Create beginner to expert level daily challenge content for Solitaire card games
  • Design and implement a player social recognition and reputation system
  • Design and balance a F2P economy with in-game currency, real money currency, and consumables 
  • Design and configure an achievement system and content
  • Develop an online game code of conduct, content filter, and moderation process
  • Create, organize, and maintain story bibles, GDDs, and other documentation

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Sample Projects