Writing & Worldbuilding


Need a compelling story hook or some finely polished prose? From concept to final text, we can enhance your story at any stage of the project. Worldbuilding, scriptwriting, story and character development, dialogue, lore, and more.


Game & Narrative Design


Whether it’s building levels or crafting the perfect dialogue system, we’ll find the fun and create an impactful experience. Our specialties include point-and-click adventures, visual novels, RPGs, and storygames, but we’re game for anything, no matter the platform or genre.


Editing for Games & Interactive Media


You wouldn’t publish a novel without editing it—and your game or interactive work deserves the same attention and care. From a light proofread to a full content edit, we’ll fit into your development process and make sure your text meets the highest standards.


Editing for Print & Traditional Media


We provide a range of traditional editorial services, from proofreading to copyediting to developmental editing. With experience in fiction, corporate communications, advertising, legal, and medical editing, no matter what your field, we’ll make your text shine and ensure that every word is in its place.  




Don’t see quite what you're looking for? Need an outside assessment, an expert recommendation, or a bit of advice? We're here for as little or as much help as you need, for projects big and small. Let’s talk!


We work with all types of media!
Games, IF, interactive storytelling, apps, ebooks, fiction & non-fiction, digital & print.

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